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A sustainable model of operation 

Our clients and customers can be confident that our food supply is both traceable and provides a high quality product produced in the the most sustainable way possible. 

We have an ethical food supply policy that helps us deliver a more sustainable product and promotes better animal welfare.

Examples of our environmental approach:

  • Single use plastics have since our inception been eliminated from our front of house and are continually on the decrease from our other suppliers as we work with them to provide the best protection for the planet.

  • Sourcing products with limit the socio-economic impacts by ensuring a traceable and fair supply chain is achieved through accredited schemes such as fair trade.

  • Using local suppliers near an event to involve the local community and reduce food miles.

  • Ensuring that non-compostable waste is placed in designated recycling bins where provided.

  • We provide a water refill service where possible to reduce waste.


This includes sourcing:

  • Local and seasonal produce

  • Sustainable MSC approved fish and seafood

  • RSPCA freedom food

  • Organic

  • Red tractor

  • Fair Trade

Other specific areas:

Encourage increase and ratio of delicious vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. 

A vegetarian meal with the same nutritional value has an approximately one third smaller carbon footprint than a meal with meat:)

All fresh meats are Red Tractor or RSPCA assured

All fish are on the MCS certified fish to eat list

Fairtrade coffee/sugar/hot chocolate/bananas

Sustainably sourced palm oil wherever possible including locally purchased condiment items

Free range eggs

BioPak and Vegware (to go)100% compostable products for all takeaway containers, cutlery, hot cups and cold cups.

Zero single use plastics and sachets

Delphis eco range of cleaning products that are recycled plastics and vegan

Wherever possible we will reduce the impact of our energy consumption, water usage, food waste and carbon footprint. To achieve this we invest in our infrastructure and maintain all equipment to the highest standard, as well as constantly monitoring our performance to identify potential problem areas and working closely with the event organizers to introduce new green iniatives and ideas into the  catering service. We also adhere to on site recycling requirements and recycle waste products off-site through green initiatives.

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