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We have bespoke made street food concession huts to offer a variety of food concession offers that can work both for front of house arenas and for VIP concession areas. 

For your private or corporate party, you can also use our custom-made modern food hut .

We use only Red Tractor beef and RSPCA-assured chicken for a sustainable product that gives our customers the assurances of our food standards and provenance. The food preparation in our food concession hut is 100% electric made entirely of stainless steel, modern cooking and preparation appliances.

The food that we serve is always 100% fresh and prepared on site.

The unit decor and branding is fresh, modern aesthetic, with eco friendly disposables that stands out and compliments the food offer.


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tv film location catering
location catering
tv location catering

Backstage Kitchen

Green Tea Live’s backstage catering is now available for your festival goers looking for some high quality all weather comfort food! This is a sample menu, we can tailor any menu based on what you require.  

Jamaican jerk chicken

Vietnamese crispy pork belly

Slow cooked beef brisket, spinach and red wine shallots

Thai panko fish cakes with fresh fennel sweet chilli salad

Spiced meatballs, tahini yoghurt, chilli lime, dill and edamames

Seitan with panko crumb katsu curry vegan

Sweet potato and black bean shepherd’s pie, vegan cheese topping vegan

Choice of salads and sides

Boneyard Burgers

Burgers – 8oz in brioche bun

Served with Stealth Fries or Curly Fries, Side of Slaw 

Optional Fried Onions

THE BONEYARD – Beef, smoked bacon, american cheese, ranch dressing, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion

THE MEATPACKER and cheese - Beef, smoked bacon, jack cheese. cheddar, lettuce, tomato

PIG – Pulled pork, bbq sauce, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion

CHICKEN - Jerk chicken burger, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, special jerk sauce

FISH FINGER TORPEDO - Blackened crispy cod fillet burger, lettuce, tomato, tartare sauce

BEYOND BURGER, plant based vegan patty, lettuce, tomato, dairy free cheddar


Artisan Sandwiches

Served with Stealth fries or Curly fries and Slaw


BEEF BRISKET – Slow cooked beef, shredded with red onion chutney

FISH FINGERS – Homemade giant 100% cod fingers, oven baked just add toppings of your choice

STEAK AND CHEESE – thinly sliced roast beef, any cheese you like & salad       


NEW YORK STYLE CORNED BEEF – thick sliced corned beef and sauerkraut

TURKEY BISTRO CLUB– Sliced roast turkey, avocado, crispy bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli

CHICKEN SUPREME AND BACON – sliced roast chicken breast, avocado, crispy bacon


GOURMET VEGGIE CLUB – Double provolone cheese, avocado, salad, tomato and mayo

TUNA STEAK – Herb marinated flaked tuna, just add your salad veggies and sauce

ITALIAN STACK - Pepperoni, salami, ham & provolone cheese

Artisan Meatballs

All served with 5 balls, a Side and Sauce 

Choose your Balls Pick your Side Add a Sauce




NOT MEATBALLS Lentil & bulghar wheat, black bean and ricotta

Bucket of Balls, 15 balls & choice of sauce, dig in !!

Greek lamb Balls in Pitta, red slaw and tzatiki 


Fresh salad

Red shaved slaw mayo vinaigrette

Lentil, olives and cucumber olive oil vinaigrette 

Cucumber and tomato herb & lemon dressing 

Kids Menu

2 balls, side and sauce 

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